Functional IKEA Storage Bed

IKEA Storage Bed Designs Ideas

IKEA storage bed – Racks built directly into wall provides an effective way to store elements without use of expensive floor space. Shelves can be open to show books, trophies and other collectibles to bedroom. They can also be disposed on additional height distances to store stacks of jumpers, jeans or other clothing. Shelves can be covered with doors to a nicer appearance. Low wall shelves can replace a bedside table and built into wall or attached to a headboard.

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Many old farms had built-in drawers throughout bedrooms with extra large wooden drawers that slid out from wall. This idea IKEA storage bed can be duplicated in many different ways by making use of wall space normally unusable. Drawers can be any width, but should only be as deep as wall, unless it butts up to a closet. Small built-in drawers can be used to store jewelry, socks or other small linens.

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Custom size spaces can be built into walls for items such as televisions, stereos, computer monitors or other home electronics and entertainment devices. A vintage looking metal ceiling rack can be used to store luggage and other bulky items. Window seats can be built with IKEA storage bed, opening under seat area for blankets or toys in nursery.