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Dock Ladder with Platform

Dock ladder used on the dock to transfer material or the people from the boat to the dock. They consist of several straight, simple steps. A dock ladder needs to be permanently fixed to a wooden platform piers, sea walls or stationary dock with floating drains. Most of this comes with a dock ladder hoop handle to make the climb in and out as easy as possible. In the case of dock space is limited; it is a better choice to buy a ladder without handle.

Dock Ladder Aluminum

Dock Ladder Aluminum

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Dock ladder comes in various models. Some of them remain and some removable. Removable types can be lifted without using a lot of tools and securely stored for later use. This helps in avoiding unnecessary exposure to water. Public dock ladder can take up to 200 lbs weight. But some people specifically come to the dock industry that can take up to 500 lbs.

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Dock ladder has a range of 2 to 10 steps to accommodate different heights dock. For security, dock ladders are often found in yellow. They are mostly made of aluminum, fiberglass or stainless steel material. Whatever you buy a dock ladder, make sure that it can maintain in fresh and salt water for a long period of time.


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